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Welcome to BlueForge Alliance

Strategic Collaboration for Maximum Impact

BlueForge Alliance is an agile program integrator positioned to meet the intense and urgent demand to build capacity for the defense industrial base. We are a unifying organization converging technology, manufacturing, economics, and state and federal government to provide a forward-facing, federated umbrella with national visibility.

As a non-profit, neutral convener, BlueForge Alliance aligns strategy with execution to coordinate regional stakeholders, assess and propose high-value efforts, and rapidly establish and deploy U.S. Department of Defense investments. By streamlining competing priorities and viewpoints, we aim to increase manufacturing capacity and technology adoption, boost the number of available suppliers and diversify investment into the defense industrial base.

Program and technology integration services

Agile delivery based on industry best practices


We help our partners meet key milestones for high-level federal projects and facilitate execution of contracts. We're committed to transparent operations and look forward to working with you.


Our outcome delivery framework diversifies investment into the defense industrial base, boosts available suppliers and increases domestic technology adoption and manufacturing capacity.


Success leads to a stronger and more skilled workforce, the economic growth and sustainability of key regions, and positions the U.S. to meet emerging technology needs to secure the nation.

Distinguishing Features

Solving local problems to meet national demand
  • Non-profit, neutral convener

    Good stewards of resources entrusted to us for effective, efficient execution.

  • Diplomatic interface to build trust

    Translation mechanism to establish a common language through roadmaps, frameworks and taxonomies.

  • Execution and integration partner

    Implement disciplined, consistent program management for predictable outcomes.

  • Federated umbrella

    Draw connections across disparate activities and initiatives to align competing priorities.

  • Rapid, agile acquisition and resourcing

    Strategic investment process to quickly acquire services, products and machines.

  • Purpose over profit

    Strong sense of responsibility to the nation balanced against business sustainability needs.

News and Press Releases

Highlights from our latest activities
Graphic featuring two racecars facing each other and one racecar with its rear bumper presented between them. The numbers 6 and 17 are featured in the background.

PRESS RELEASE: RFK Racing and BlueForge Alliance Join Forces to Help Rebuild American Manufacturing, While Promoting Careers in the Submarine Industrial Base

RFK Racing has announced a partnership with BlueForge Alliance, the non-profit integrator for the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base Program, aimed at promoting SIB careers and reinvigorating America’s manufacturing workforce through its BuildSubmarines.com initiative.

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Man wearing blue coveralls and a mask welding

PRESS RELEASE: BlueForge Alliance Addresses America’s Urgent Need for Next-Generation Submarines

BlueForge Alliance announced today that the newly formed non-profit is working in direct support of the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base Program to address the urgent demand for submarine supply chain capability, capacity, and workforce required to build and sustain America’s sea-based strategic deterrence.

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Core Values

Forged by a culture of purpose

BlueForge Alliance was founded on the underlying mission of service to our nation. We integrate our six core values — Belonging, Selfless Service, Integrity, Leadership, Respect and Excellence — into everything we do. Our values challenge and inspire our people to learn, grow and thrive as we work together to solve hard problems.