Blueforge alliance

The silent servants to the silent service

BlueForge Alliance is the non-profit integration partner of the U.S. Navy and its Submarine Industrial Base enabling initiatives that strengthen and sustain the maritime manufacturing sector.

who we are

The BlueForge Alliance mission is to enable the submarine manufacturing industry to build and maintain America’s next generation of undersea platforms by increasing capability, capacity, collaboration, and resilience.

our impact

Substantial effort.
Significant results.

From the outset, our objective has been clear: to deeply partner with the shipbuilders in connecting and integrating thousands of industry suppliers as an execution agent across critical lines of effort. By pinpointing and amplifying the strengths of our partners, we've not only delivered substantial outcomes but also cultivated a collaborative ecosystem primed for even greater achievements.


active projects supporting the Submarine Industrial Base


suppliers actively engaged for workforce attainment


media impressions for supplier talent recruitment campaigns


supplier development initiatives


Trusted by partners who share our passion

Our mission relies on the collaboration of our dedicated partners, each integral in catalyzing a “whole of nation” response.


Looking for a profession with purpose? 

BlueForge Alliance offers more than a steady 9-5. Here, you'll discover a profound sense of pride, knowing that your daily efforts directly contribute to something greater than yourself — the safety and well-being of millions of Americans. Join our team of dedicated connectors and collaborators, and experience firsthand how your contributions can make a generational impact.