Silent service with
a loud impact

BlueForge Alliance is rapidly growing its workforce, presenting a unique opportunity for individuals to become integrators who bridge the gap among our 15,000+ suppliers. The stakes? Only the most critical strategic defense initiative.

Discover if your passions align with our purpose

If you’re questioning whether working at BlueForge Alliance is right for you, consider these questions:

Do you seek fulfillment in knowing your 9-5 contributes to safeguarding our nation?

Do you wish to join a national team that is helping ensure the development of a next-gen fleet of Naval submarines?

Do you want to be a part of a team of masterful collaborators building bridges between different partners and sectors?

If you answered yes,

then you belong with us. Join us in shaping the future of maritime defense and become an integral part of our journey.

Principles that propel us forward

At BlueForge Alliance, it's not just about finding your best self — it's about exceeding it. Here is where you can boldly pioneer new ideas and challenge the status quo. Where else can you work to drive forward the most critical strategic defense mission while also pushing the boundaries of your own capabilities? Our core values serve as the bedrock of our endeavors, guiding us as we navigate uncharted territories.

When you’re here you’re home. We thrive on mutual support and collective success.
Check your ego at the door. Our mission is bigger than any individual. We embrace humility and serve with purpose.
Our moral compass always points north. Every action we take is impactful. We act responsibly and ethically.
Empowerment of others is our barometer of success. We believe that leadership means lifting others.
Our differences are what we have in common. We celebrate diversity, valuing and respecting each other's unique contributions.
Never be content with the status quo. Excellence is our norm and continuous growth is our ethos.

Bringing together our best

Our employees come from a diverse range of educational and professional backgrounds, spanning from finance and business management to aerospace engineering. They merge their knowledge and expertise to create our robust team. Leveraging our varied backgrounds, we are united by a shared passion to propel the mission forward.

Serving those who served

With one-in-five of our current employees being U.S. military veterans, we're committed to fostering a strong support network that ensures their seamless transition to civilian life and provides abundant  job opportunities.

Collaboration is at our core

We call ourselves “connectors” for a reason — it's woven into our very DNA, shaping every aspect of what we do. From uniting suppliers to amplify our collective mission to bridging technology providers into production lines, fostering connectivity is not just what we do, it's who we are.

Where you’ll find us

Headquarters you’ll want to call home

BlueForge Alliance HQ is in Bryan, Texas. Situated near the bustling hub of College Station and Texas A&M University, this space has been our home since our operations began in 2022, providing an ideal environment for collaboration and fostering connections.

Work from where
you work best

If Bryan, Texas isn't accessible to you, don't worry. With a team of members spanning 17 states, BlueForge Alliance empowers you to make an impact from wherever suits you best.

Join our team

Discover the role where you’ll make the most impact.

A career with benefits + purpose

Joining BlueForge Alliance isn't just about clocking in at a desk job. While we offer health, dental, and PTO benefits found elsewhere, that's just the beginning. If you're after more than the ordinary, if you crave a profession with real purpose and a mission that transcends individual ambition, then it's time to embark on your new career path with us.