BlueForge Alliance Promotes Careers “Built to Last” with a Modernized Classic American Icon

July 1, 2024

BRYAN/COLLEGE STATION, TX - BlueForge Alliance (BFA), a nonprofit integrator supporting the United States Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base (SIB), has launched its second national marketing campaign — “Built to Last”— focused on elevating awareness of opportunities in maritime manufacturing.

The campaign seeks to reach a younger audience of next generation talent who may be unaware of the substantial opportunities for stable and impactful careers in maritime manufacturing. Parents, mentors, teachers, coaches, and other key influencers of this upcoming generation of professionals will also be reached to help spread awareness about these meaningful career opportunities. 

Leading the charge in short commercials will be Rosie the Riveter, an icon of World War II who originally encouraged women to seek manufacturing industry roles supporting the U.S. military. The reimagined Rosie will choose a role in the current maritime manufacturing effort instead of service industry work, calling on the new generation to consider the same path.

The campaign will lead its viewers to, a mobile-first website focused towards Gen Z. The site showcases well-paying, high-tech, high-ceiling manufacturing opportunities in comparison with more conventional careers. While discovering the benefits of these opportunities, they can also explore hundreds of training programs in all 50 states where they can gain skills and certifications to launch their careers.

“Stability, sustainment, and purpose are paramount for those seeking professional paths,” said Melissa Wren, principal for external affairs and administration, BlueForge Alliance. “The careers emphasized through ‘Built to Last’ ensure individuals and families are supported in long-term roles, and they ensure the United States Navy has the vessels it needs to remain the best in the world. We thank adam&eveDDB for its efforts in creating a campaign that meets the moment during this critical period in American history.” 

“Built to Last” will utilize a broad multimedia, out-of-home, and new media approach, and will include both national media and regional outlets in areas of the country of key importance to the U.S. Navy.

“Many people across America aren’t aware of the huge opportunities for careers in maritime manufacturing,” said James Rowe, Managing Director at adam&eveDDB New York. “The gig economy has created a transitory workforce, and we wanted to demonstrate that there are incredible long-term career opportunities across American manufacturing. Bringing an icon like Rosie the Riveter into 2024 felt like a unique way to connect with a new generation and make them aware of the prospects that a career in manufacturing has to offer.” 

The new campaign will complement BFA’s initial national marketing effort, “We Build Giants,” which supports, the recruitment hub for the 15,000-plus suppliers making up the Navy’s SIB. “We Build Giants” encourages individuals entering or already in the manufacturing workforce to consider careers at SIB suppliers.

In order to meet the Navy’s goal to add three submarines to its fleet each year beginning in 2028, sustain its existing undersea platforms, and support allies, an estimated 140,000 skilled workers are needed in the American maritime defense manufacturing workforce over the next decade. 

About BlueForge Alliance

BlueForge Alliance is a nonprofit, neutral integrator that supports the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base initiatives and efforts to strengthen and sustain the maritime manufacturing sector. BFA is a critical partner in the SIB’s mission to ensure industry has the capability, capacity, and resilience to build and maintain America’s next generation of undersea platforms. The organization’s team of experts in a variety of disciplines focus on addressing critical workforce, technology, and supplier development needs. BFA is headquartered in Bryan/College Station, Texas. For more information, visit


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